UniSource Energy Services customers have a way to help their neighbors experiencing financial hardship amid rising prices, high housing costs and lingering impacts from the pandemic.

Our Warm Spirit program invites customers to round up or add a little to their monthly bill payment to help low-income customers cover their energy costs. Thousands of customers have stepped up to help, providing local nonprofit groups with another way to support our communities.

Last year, customers who rounded up their gas or electric bills to the next dollar contributed nearly $38,000 to help those on limited incomes pay their bills.

Since the Warm Spirit program launched in 2011, customers have contributed more than half a million dollars, or about $520,000, to support their neighbors.

Every penny contributed by customers benefits low-income residents, as no contributions are used to administer the program. Donations are managed by the Home Energy Assistance Fund.

“It may seem like just a few coins each month wouldn’t add up, but that just shows the power of community,” said Denise Taylor, Director of Customer Service and Programs. “When even a small donation is multiplied by the number of neighbors who want to help other neighbors, it can really make a big difference for families in need.”

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