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Our Energy Future

We’re expanding our solar and wind energy resources at a rapid, reasonable pace that allows for affordable rates and reliable service.
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Choose to Save

This fall, consider a time-of-use electric pricing plan. Residential on-peak hours of 6-9 a.m. and 6-9 p.m. start on Nov. 1.
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Best Appliance Deals

When looking for good deals on appliances this fall, consider the sale price and energy efficiency.

Gas vs. Electric Cook-Off

Which type of cooktop delivers the best cooking performance and energy efficiency? Find out from Chef Mark Molinaro.

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Easy ways to view and pay your bill

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Auto Pay

Enjoy freedom and peace of mind by having your monthly payment automatically deducted from your U.S. checking or savings account.
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Budget Billing

Pay for your electric or gas use in 12 equal installments and even out the peaks and valleys of your bill.
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UES e-bill

Securely receive, view and pay your bill online. It’s as easy as point, click and pay.

Know Your Demand

We're beginning to display demand information on electric bills to help customers learn about their energy usage patterns.

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Helping you save energy and money

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Trees for You

Purchase shade trees and receive a rebate. Plant them near your home or business to help you reduce your energy consumption.
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Light Bulbs for Less

Discounted LEDs are available at local Lowe's, The Home Depot and Walmart stores in our electric service territories.
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Energy Smart Homes

Looking for a new home? UES Energy Smart Homes offer better construction, more comfort, lower utility costs and a cleaner environment.

Window Investment

Air leaks through old and inefficient windows can waste energy. Here's why upgrading them might be a good idea.

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