Smart EV Charging Program

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Energizing charging on the go

Energize Your Business by Supporting Electric Vehicles

Demonstrate your commitment to sustainability by installing charging ports for electric vehicles (EVs) at your facility.

Having EV charging ports on your premises offers both financial and environmental benefits, helps promote your eco-friendly values and positions your organization as forward-thinking. They also help attract and retain employees and build goodwill with your customers and the community. By installing EVs, your organization becomes part of the solution to the world’s most pressing environmental problems.

Smart EV Charging Program Rebates

UniSource Energy Service’s Smart EV Charging Program offers rebates as well as technical support to UniSource Electric commercial customers, multi-family complexes and nonprofit customers that purchase and install EV charging ports at their location. Customers located in lower-income areas receive higher rebates. Rebates are issued at the completion of the project.

Our rebates greatly offset your purchase and installation costs, making it easier to become a leader in developing sustainable EV infrastructure for our community. Maximum rebate levels are displayed in the table below.

Charger Type Site Standard Disadvantaged Community (DAC) Eligible Projects*
Level 2 (L2) Workplace, Multifamily, Nonprofit, Municipal Up to $1,200/port, capped at 75% of project cost Up to $2,000/port, capped at 75% of project cost
DC Fast Charger (DCFC) Workplace, Multifamily, Nonprofit, Municipal Up to $12,000/port, capped at 75% of project cost Up to $15,000/port, capped at 75% of project cost
DC Fast Charger (DCFC) Public Transit Up to $40,000/port for chargers up to 62 kW

Up to $65,000/port for chargers 63-100 kW

Up to $75,000/port for chargers more than 100 kW

Capped at 75% of project cost

Rebate levels subject to change at any time. The number of ports and dollar amount per-port incentivized may be less than the number of ports a customer wishes to install and the maximum per-port rebates. Additional support may be available for qualifying low-to-moderate multi-family housing developments.

All rebate funds must be distributed prior to December 31, 2025.

*DAC Eligible Projects include those projects that meet the following criteria:

  1. Project is in a U.S. Census Block Group where the low-income population percentile (relative to the state) is 80% or greater, as identified by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s EJScreen Mapping Tool.
  2. Chargers are made available to the public, and are not located behind a gate or barrier, during normal business hours.

Full DAC qualification information is available in the Program Guidelines. The program team reserves the right to accept or reject proposed projects’ DAC eligibility, and to update this definition as appropriate with the evolution of the program.

Program Requirements

  1. All UniSource Electric commercial customers are eligible to apply.
  2. Customers must purchase and install a minimum of two (but up to four) Level 2 or DC-fast charging ports at their location. Projects that involve the installation of more than four ports will be evaluated on an individual basis and rebates may vary.
  3. Customers must sign a Site Host Agreement with a five-year term.
  4. Customers must be on one of UniSource's Time-of-Use (TOU) or Stand-Alone Electric Vehicle Charging pricing plans.

Click here to see the full set of program guidelines and requirements.

Click here for a list of approved charging port vendors.

NOTE:  UniSource reserves the right to modify the program requirements or rebates as needed.

Project Costs Eligible for Rebates

  • EV charging station and related equipment
  • Electrical service upgrades required for the installation
  • Design and engineering services
  • Construction and installation (materials and labor)
  • Service, warranty and O&M agreements

How UES Supports Your Project

  • Prepares a customer rebate proposal with helpful project information
  • Provides customers with a prequalified list of approved charging port vendors
  • Educates customers on recommended charger type and quantity