Employees Working Near Your Home or Business

UniSource electric employees work in your neighborhood throughout the year to support our safe, reliable service.

Almost all our electric meters are located on customer property. Recurring safety inspections and routine maintenance performed by our employees require access to the electric meter, service lines and other equipment on your property. Our employees must be able to safely reach this equipment to properly assess its condition and perform work.

Identifying UniSource electric employees

We value the safety of our customers and our employees. How can you identify UniSource employees working near your home or business?

  • Look for the UniSource logo on the employee’s clothing, safety equipment and vehicle.
  • Ask to see the employee’s identification. All employees are required to show their ID badge when asked.
  • Call UniSource directly to verify the employee’s identity and reason for work in the area. Our number is 877-837-4968 – the same number listed on your monthly electric bill.

For more information about spotting scammers who might try to impersonate UniSource employees, visit our scam awareness page.

Reasons for access

UniSource electric field employees might need to access your property while performing several duties that can occur at any time. These include:

  • Reading meters.
  • Locating and marking underground electrical facilities in response to requests from the Arizona 811 center.
  • Investigating reports of downed power lines, outages or poor voltage.
  • Investigating damage to overhead or underground electrical equipment.
  • Exchanging or performing maintenance on electric meters.
  • Inspecting meter communication functionality.
  • Replacing faulty equipment.

Click here to learn more about UniSource's rules and regulations for electric operations.

Please report all outages and emergencies to our Emergency Hotline at 1-877-837-4968.

Customers also are encouraged to call 811 before starting any digging project so that local utilities including UniSource can locate underground facilities at no cost.

Meter location

Although our electric meters typically are installed on or adjacent to customers’ homes or businesses, they also can be installed in other locations, including at the edge of a customers’ property or in alleys.

To help ensure safe and reliable service, please make sure that your meter is free of obstructions and accessible to our employees at all times. Overgrown vegetation, new structures or debris can make meters hard to find for our employees. Please refer to Section 10 of our rules and regulations, which states:

  • Access to Customer Premises
    The Company will at all times have the right of safe ingress to and egress from the Customer's premises at all reasonable hours for any purpose reasonably connected with the Company's property used in furnishing service and the exercise of any and all rights secured to it by law or these Rules.

Additionally, employees may at all reasonable times enter any premises being served by UniSource to examine UniSource property or determine the quantity of electricity consumed, according to Arizona law (ARS 40-431).

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Electric Service for Arizona

Customers: 98,000
Electric employees: 150
Service territory:

  • About 8,056 square miles
  • 56 circuit-miles of 138 kV transmission lines
  • 282 circuit-miles of 69 kV transmission line
  • 3,600 circuit-miles of underground and overhead distribution lines