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Efficient Home Program

Keep your home cool, comfortable and energy efficient all year long

More than half of the energy that’s used in the average home is for heating and air conditioning, according to the Environmental Protection Agency. But that doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice your comfort to save on energy costs. The Efficient Home Program can help you make sure your home isn’t wasting energy and provide you with rebates to make improvements more affordable.

You can start by scheduling a free virtual home assessment. During your appointment, we’ll help you determine if your home’s heating and cooling system is operating efficiently. You’ll also receive a customized report with energy-saving recommendations and information about available rebates. This information can help you decide if an energy-efficient upgrade is right for you and your home.

If you already have a heating and cooling project in mind, you don’t need to schedule a virtual assessment. Instead, you can work directly with a participating contractor to receive your rebate.

UniSource’s Efficient Home Program can help you reduce your cooling and heating energy use, keeping more money in your pocket while making your home more comfortable. UniSource offers instant rebates for the purchase and installation of a new ENERGY STAR®-certified air conditioning and heat pump unit through one of our participating contractors. Rebates also are available for duct sealing and AC tune-ups.

To qualify for the rebates, all work must be completed by one of UniSource’s participating Efficient Home Program contractors. They follow specific quality guidelines for the testing, inspection and installation of equipment to ensure proper installation and performance of your new energy efficient equipment. UniSource Trade Allies provide the installation services and deduct the rebate amount from the customer’s final project cost.

Participating contractors near you can be found using our find a contractor page to search by project and zip code.

For information about potential tax benefits for energy efficiency improvements, visit the Database of State Incentives for Renewables & Efficiency.

Program Contact Information:
For questions on the program, reach out to us at
Email: UniSourceEfficientHome@Franklinenergy.com
Phone: 866-540-4315
Hours: 8 a.m. – 5 p.m., Monday to Friday

Free Virtual Home Assessment

Please call 866-540-4315 or email UniSourceEfficientHome@
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The following rebates are available on qualifying work performed by licensed UniSource Efficient Home Program participating contractors:

Heat pump quality installation Up to $450
Air conditioner quality installation Up to $375
Duct sealing (varies based on actual leakage reduced): Up to $150
Advanced AC tuneup:

  • Refrigerant charge repair:
  • Indoor coil cleaning:
  • Outdoor coil cleaning:
Up to $200


Find a participating contractor

We partner with participating contractors who use advanced diagnostics in the field and are committed to quality installation.

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Questions or comments? Contact the UniSource Efficient Home Program team at (866) 540-4315 or UniSourceEfficientHome@FranklinEnergy.com.

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Franklin Energy

Franklin Energy is the Efficient Home Program implementer. Franklin Energy verifies program eligibility, manages assessments, issues rebates, communicates application status, and provides customer service for inquiries related to the program. Franklin Energy works with utilities, municipalities, and cooperatives to deliver energy efficiency and grid optimization programs.