Interruptible Service

With the Interruptible Service rate, eligible commercial customers can receive a bill credit by agreeing to service interruptions that can help UES manage energy resources efficiently, especially when the demand for power is high.

Participating customers will receive a bill credit for each of the six summer months when an interruption may occur. The length and frequency of outages are limited, and UES will give customers a 30-minute notice before each interruption. Under this program, UES can interrupt service at any time for any reason.

The monthly credit will be calculated using UES' Market Value Capacity Price (MVCP) and the amount of interruptible capacity, measured in kilowatts (kW), that participating customers agree to curtail.

Interruptible Service is available to customers using pricing plans designed for demand that exceeds 1,000 kW. Participants must agree to curtail at least 500 kW of electric demand at a single service point.

Participating customers are responsible for the expense, installation and maintenance of communication, relay and breaker equipment needed to qualify for service under this special rate. UES must inspect and approve customer equipment. UES is not responsible for any loss or damage caused by service interruptions.

Learn more by reading the complete terms and conditions of Interruptible Service.

To participate in this program, companies must subscribe between April 1-15 of each program year.