Payment Assistance

We understand that many families are facing unprecedented financial hardships in these troubled times. We know that electricity is a critical service and want to work with you to bring your overdue electric bill current.

UniSource has voluntarily suspended late fees and service disconnections through the end of 2020 and extended our payment arrangements six months to give customers additional time to pay their overdue balances.

If you have not sent in a payment or are unable to pay in full, we urge you simply to pay what you can on your account now. Don’t wait – take action now to avoid accumulating an unmanageable balance that could result in the disconnection of service.

If you’re having trouble paying your electric bill, UniSource can help. Here are some programs and plans that can assist customers:

  • Payment Extensions – Customers can request a payment extension through My Account, using UniSource’s mobile app or by calling UniSource Customer Care at 877-837-4968. Typically, customers with a good payment history are eligible for an extension. If you are denied a payment extension online or through our automated IVR system, please feel free to call us to speak with our Customer Service Representatives.
  • Payment Arrangements – Customers who have overdue balances on the first bill they receive after Oct. 15 can may choose to pay the full amount due or will be enrolled in a payment arrangement to pay the full balance in installments. TEP has extended the payment period from four to six months to give customers extra time to pay off their balance. During this time, you must pay the installment on your balance and also pay new monthly bills. You are responsible for paying all current and delinquent balances on this account.
  • Short-term Assistance – UniSource cooperates with several community agencies to offer emergency bill-payment assistance to customers facing hardships. You can contact these organizations directly for assistance:
  • Customer Assistance Residential Energy Support (CARES) Program – Qualifying limited-income customers receive a monthly discount of $16 on their electric bill through UniSource’s CARES program. Customers whose household incomes do not exceed 150 percent of the 2020 federal poverty guidelines qualify for assistance.
  • Budget Billing – Make your bills more manageable by enrolling in Budget Billing. Your estimated annual bill is divided into 12 monthly payments so that you pay the same amount each month. The amount is typically lower than participants’ usual summer bills, so the plan can be a good way to reduce summertime expenses. Customers placed on payment arrangements will be removed from Budget Billing, but may re-enroll when their account is current.
  • Flexible Pricing Plans – UniSource offers four different pricing plans that allow you to better control your electric bills by choosing a plan that best suits your energy use. Three of these plans can help you save money by avoiding energy use during on-peak hours when the demand is high.

UniSource offers many simple no or low-cost energy saving tips to help you reduce your electric bills. We work with community partners to offer free home weatherization assistance to limited-income residents. Among the free home improvements that are offered include caulking, weather-stripping and the installation of insulation, sun screens and low-flow water fixtures.

You can use My Account or UniSource’s mobile app to easily access billing information, such as the amount due and due date, previous payment history and energy usage. If you haven’t already established online access to your UniSource account, you can sign up using information on your most recent bills.

Customers who fall behind on their bills or fail to make scheduled payments on a payment plan set up to pay a previous overdue balance may be subject to disconnection. Any deposit on your account will be applied before initiating disconnection for non-payment. If this happens, you will be required to repay a deposit over four months.

If your power is shut off for non-payment, you must pay your delinquent bill and a reconnect fee before your power is restored. We also will establish a payment plan that requires you to pay a deposit over four months. There is no guarantee service will be restored the same day you pay.

UniSource does not accept any cryptocurrency as payments, including bitcoin.

If you have fallen behind on your bills, please contact us today. We stand ready to help you maintain access to safe, reliable electric service.

UniSource Energy Services: Coronavirus Update: Powering Through

Coronavirus Update: Powering Through

UniSource Energy Services is taking proactive steps to support public health and ensure the continued availability of safe, reliable energy during the coronavirus pandemic.
UniSource Energy Services: COVID-19 Hotline

COVID-19 Hotline

Dial 211 or visit for COVID-19 related answers about the disease and community assistance services.