Gas Rates

Current and historic gas rates

Review and download PDFs of current and archived gas rates as well as rules and regulations.


Current Gas Rates

Rates Title
UNS Gas Rate Summary
GRRES Residential Gas Service
GRRESC Customer Assistance Residential Energy Support (CARES)
GGSVS Small Volume Commercial Service
GGLVS Large Volume Commercial Service
GISVS Small Volume Industrial Service
GILVS Large Volume Industrial Service
GPSVS Small Volume Public Authority Service
GPLVS Large Volume Public Authority Service
PA-44 Special Gas Light Service
GGIRS Irrigation Service
CNG-1 Compressed Natural Gas Service (Separately Metered)
EC-1 Electrical Cogeneration Service
NSP-1 Negotiated Sales Program
T-1 Transportation of Customer-Secured Natural Gas
T-2 Transportation Service Using Dedicated Transmission Facilities
PGA Purchased Gas Adjustment (PGA) Rates
Rider R-1 Purchased Gas Adjustment (PGA) Rider
Rider R-2 Demand Side Management Surcharge (DSMS)
Rider R-6 Lost Fixed Cost Recovery (LFCR)
Statement of Charges UNS Gas Statement of Charges
UNS Gas Bill Term Detail
Tax Adjustment Revised Plan of Administration


Tax Information

Taxes and Assessments

Rules and Regulations

No. Title
900 Table of Contents
901 Applicability of Rules and Regulations and Description of Service
902 Definitions
903 Establishment of Services
904 Minimum Customer Information Requirements
905 Master Metering
906 Service Lines and Establishments
907 Extension of Lines
908 Provision of Service
909 Meter Reading
910 Billing and Collection
911 Termination of Service
912 Administrative and Hearing Requirements
913 Curtailment Plan
914 Rates and Unit Measurement
915 Gas Meter Testing and Maintenance Plan
UniSource Energy Services: PGA


The Purchased Gas Adjustor, or PGA, is a usage-based credit or charge that reflects changes in the costs of natural gas. UES passes along these costs without any markup and earns no profit through the PGA.