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New supplier

To register as a new supplier, complete the New Supplier Fact Sheet form and follow the instructions to submit. When you register as a supplier, your business profile is used to help us determine companies to include in bid invitations.

Employee Discount Program

UES offers employees discounts on products and services from various vendors throughout Arizona in order to express appreciation for the valued service our employees provide local businesses and residents.

All vendors who wish to participate in the program must complete the Vendor Application Form. To be considered, the vendor's offer must be of added value or an actual discount. Posted discount offers are limited to attractions, recreational facilities, products, services, as well as entertainment and sporting events. The vendor will be notified via email whether the discount offer is approved or disapproved. If approved, the vendor must provide a one-page electronic document that includes all pertinent discount information.

Vendor application form

New Supplier Fact Sheet

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Contractor Code of Business Conduct

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