Nogales shade trees

While shopping for fresh local produce and goods at the Nogales Mercado Farmers Market on Oct. 13, UniSource Energy Services electric customers also can pick up a free shade tree from 3-6 p.m.

UES employees will give away 100 trees at the popular weekly market to customers who present a recent electric bill and complete a brief application. They also will be distributing information about energy efficiency programs and tips.

“This is a great opportunity for us to partner with Nogales Community Development to give away shade trees and discuss energy efficiency with our customers,” said Nikole White, UES Program Manager of Energy Services. “We collaborate year-round with the community center to distribute LED light bulbs and materials to help customers think green, save green.”

Earlier this spring, UES gave away 75 trees at the 4th Annual Santa Cruz County World Autism Awareness Day 2017 in Nogales as part of the Trees for You program.

UES offers rebates to electric customers who purchase two qualified desert-adapted shade trees. Customers can receive bill credits of up to $15 for each five-gallon or larger tree purchased at any local nursery. To qualify, customers must submit a copy of the receipt along with a shade tree rebate application and plant the tree in the proper location to ensure the greatest energy savings.

Rebates are also available for businesses and schools that meet program requirements. Visit to review our available tree varieties and to download the shade tree rebate application.

“Any home or neighborhood can benefit from planting shade trees,” White said. “Planting the tree within 15 feet of your home on the west, south or east side provides shade to keep a dwelling cooler in the summer months, potentially reducing the demand on your air conditioner. Shade trees also provide a beautiful canopy for our community while improving air quality.”

Stephanie Vickers, Civano Nursery’s Wholesale Sales Manager, said the trees provide the maximum shade and energy efficiency benefits when they mature. “The majority of trees will reach a mature height within 10-15 years on average. However, there are many variables that can alter time it takes for a tree to reach that height such as soil conditions, watering schedules and fertilizer.”

Located in the heart of Nogales’ downtown district, the Mercado farmers’ market is open every Friday afternoon.

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