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Trees for You

The UniSource Trees for You program remains open now and all year long.
Planting shade trees around your home is a positive activity that allows customers to stay safe at home while planning for future energy savings. Customers can purchase a qualifying tree from any area nursery or retailer to receive a $15 credit for up to two shade trees.

Receive rebates on energy-saving shade trees.

The Trees for You program offers UniSource electric customers rebates on the purchase of shade trees that help save energy by keeping your home, school or business warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.

Receive a rebate in the form of a $15 credit on your UniSource electric bill for each five-gallon tree purchased, up to two rebates. Homes built before 1980 and those with single-pane windows qualify for up to four tree rebates.

Shade Tree Benefits

Shade trees offer many natural benefits. They beautify your landscaping, provide habitat for wildlife, reduce erosion and water runoff and purify the air by absorbing carbon dioxide. Trees also help you save energy.

In the summer, trees reduce radiant heat absorbed by buildings, pavement and gravel, and provide a wind break in the winter. Deciduous trees that lose their leaves in the fall also allow sunlight to enter and warm your home in the winter.

Qualified Shade Trees

Visit your local nursery and choose any of the following seasonal, year round and deciduous shade trees that qualify for the Trees for You rebate:

Arizona ash
Arizona cypress
Bottle tree
Catclaw acacia
Chinese pistache
Desert willow
Fern of the desert
Honey mesquite
Palo brea-Sonoran palo verde
Shoestring acacia
Southern live oak
Sweet acacia

Planting guidelines and restrictions

To qualify for the rebate, trees must be planted within 15 feet of the structure’s west, east or south sides to provide shade during the summer months. Planting locations may be checked by UniSource to verify program compliance.

Trees also must be planted at least 10 feet from sewer lines, 5 feet from water lines and 3 feet from all other utility lines. Do not plant trees under any overhead utility lines and maintain a safe distance from chimneys, power lines and other potential sources of combustion. Do not plant in a public right-of-way without a permit.

Before you dig, remember to first call Arizona 811 (formerly Arizona Blue Stake) at 1-800-STAKE-IT (1-800-782-5348) at least two working days before you dig. UES will mark the locations of company-owned underground utility lines near the dig site. This is a free service.

UniSource Energy Services: Shade Trees 101

Shade Trees 101

Why you should plant shade trees and where to place them.

Sign up

Step 1 – Review the Trees for You application form and the program guidelines, which explain the requirements to qualify for a rebate and provide helpful information on the planting, care and maintenance of your trees.

Step 2 – Visit your local nursery, purchase a qualified shade tree and get an invoice or receipt.

Step 3 – Complete the application form and indicate on the sketch where your tree(s) will be planted.

Step 4 – Provide a copy of your paid invoice or reciept, which must include:

  • Number and type of tree(s) purchased
  • Size of the tree container
  • Date of purchase
Step 5 – Email the completed application and a copy of your paid invoice or receipt to or mail the paperwork to:

UniSource Energy Services
Trees for You
P.O. Box 3099
Kingman, AZ 86402