Stay Warm & Save Money This Winter

Stay Warm & Save Money This Winter

You can reduce your home heating costs by making smart changes during the winter months.

Instead of closing curtains and blinds to the sunlight, open them so the sunlight streams into your home, creating natural heat during the day.

Making sure your home’s weather stripping, caulking and sealing is in good working order will make a big difference toward keeping in the heat.

Upgrading to double-pane windows is another good way to keep warm air inside during the winter and cool air in during the summer.

The use of electric space heaters is a common way to target a bit of extra heat. But for safety as well as efficiency reasons, they shouldn’t be relied on to heat your entire home.

“Space heaters are a great source for some spot heat, but they consume a lot of electricity, so only use them when you’re in the room,” said Armando Ruiz, Senior Tech Specialist in
UniSource Energy Services’ Residential Energy Efficiency Program.

Fireplaces provide another source of heat for some homes, particularly in Northern Arizona, where they are a common household feature. But they also can compromise a home’s energy

“If you have a wood-burning fireplace, when it’s not in use, close the dampers so the warm air doesn’t escape,” said Eileen Jacobson, Senior Program Manager with UES.

Older water heaters should be wrapped with insulation, particularly when they are located outside the home. Newer units may not allow for this, however. Check that your water heater
has an R-value of at least 24. R-value is a measurement of how well a water heater’s insulation will help prevent radiant heat loss through the tank. If you don’t know the R-value,
simply touch the tank. A tank that is warm to the touch will need additional insulation.

Heat your home to a comfortable level, but keep in mind that it takes more energy to make your home warmer. Reducing the temperature on your thermostat during home heating season will
result in energy savings and a lower bill.

Lighting is another area to focus on for winter efficiency. With longer nights and shorter days, the opportunity for energy savings with high-efficiency CFL bulbs is even greater. UES
works with manufacturers to offer CFL bulbs at steep discounts from local retailers.

Using high-efficiency LEDs, which use 70 percent less energy than standard bulbs, for holiday lights and outdoor spotlights is another good way to save energy during the winter.
Keeping such lights on a timer will ensure that they’re on when they should be seen and off when you are asleep.

As temperatures drop, dressing for the season with sweaters and sweatshirts can also help save on heating energy costs.

Any time of year, UES electric customers can take advantage of programs designed to boost residential energy efficiency. Customers can receive rebates for purchasing new ENERGY STAR air conditioners and heat pumps.

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