As temperatures start to rise, your energy bills may follow suit. We’ve got three easy steps you can take right now to help you stay cool and in control of your energy costs this summer.

“Fluctuations in energy use can be driven by various factors, including seasonal weather patterns, rate changes and inefficient appliances,” said Carlos Leon, a Supervisor in Customer Care. “We’re happy to help customers understand their energy use and find ways to save. Many times, it’s just a matter of making small changes.”

Here are a few ways to avoid summer surprises with UniSource’s convenient tools and money-saving programs:

Sign up for Budget Billing

Our Budget Billing program helps smooth out your costs by allowing you to pay the same amount each month, based on your average annual usage. Instead of seeing spikes during the hottest time of the year, your consistent bill can help you better manage your budget. Read about the difference it made for another customer.

Track your usage with My Energy Usage

Visibility is key when it comes to managing your energy costs. With our online energy tracker, My Energy Usage, you can review your daily and hourly consumption and compare it to your historic usage. You can also review on-peak, off-peak, and demand usage for the month.

Log in to your UniSource account online or via the mobile app then select the “Billing and Payment” tab. From there, select “My Energy Usage.”

Learning about your energy habits and usage patterns can help you save energy and determine which of our pricing plans might be the best fit.  Learn more about our Time-of-Use and other flexible pricing plans that reward energy conservation during times of high energy demand.

Tap into Energy-Saving Programs

We offer a range of no-cost and low-cost ways to trim your energy use across your home, including through savings on energy-efficient services and products:

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