Sedona Mountains

The expansion of UniSource Energy Services’ natural gas service in Sedona is bringing low-cost energy to local residents and businesses alike — including hotels, restaurants and

Recent and planned development, including a new Whole Foods grocery store, CVS pharmacy, Marriott hotel and more, all are serviced by UES. This contributes to economic growth in and
around Sedona and benefits future residential customers who will be able to connect to the new gas lines, said Hector Riojas, UES District Manager for the Verde Valley.

“Natural gas is an efficient energy source,” Riojas said. “Once we extend our facilities, more customers can take advantage of the benefits.”

The spectacular red rocks of Sedona, as well as the area’s famed artists and reputed energy “vortexes,” draw visitors from around the world. The steady stream of tourism that supports
shops, restaurants and hotels creates economic growth in the form of more and better jobs for area residents. Those businesses expect the benefits of low-cost, clean-burning natural

The famed Tlaquepaque arts and crafts village houses more than 40 shops and galleries and four restaurants, including the multiple-award winning Oak Creek Brewery and Grill. The
village is expanding across Highway 179 with assistance from UES, which relocated and added gas lines last fall to service the expansion.

Whole Foods bought the former New Frontiers market in 2014 and began expanding with the assistance of additional natural gas service. The CVS, the new Mariposa and other in-progress
and proposed hotels and restaurants all benefit from UES natural gas.

“We’ve been working with the Village of Oak Creek about five miles away,” Riojas said. “The Sedona Ridge resort is converting from propane to natural gas. They can save almost 50
percent on their energy bills by switching from propane to natural gas, and that’s the same reason the hotels and restaurants use natural gas.”

Natural gas originally came to the Verde Valley area in 1959. The transmission lines were extended 23 miles to reach Sedona in 1964, more than 20 years before the city was
incorporated. Natural gas has helped fuel the area’s growth since then.

Across the Verde Valley — in communities like Sedona, Jerome, Clarkdale, Cottonwood and Camp Verde — increased natural gas availability is benefiting businesses and homes. Each
extension of service brings those benefits closer to more customers.

Said Riojas: “Our customers are seeing the benefit of switching to natural gas.”

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