Making small changes can have a big impact on reducing your energy use without sacrificing comfort.

Understanding how you use energy is the first step. Our Home Energy Reports program can help you learn:

  • How your household uses energy
  • Comparisons of your energy usage to similar households based on size and features
  • Energy tips to help you manage your energy costs

This complimentary program will provide a customized action plan, designed to offer you practical ways to increase your household’s energy savings. You’ll also receive energy tips once a month and a free home energy efficiency kit. Your kit will contain six 9-watt ENERGY STAR® LED bulbs that will save you money as soon as you install them.

“This program helps give you answers that will help you manage your energy wisely, which can help lower your energy bill and actually improve the comfort of your family,” said Michelle Dunn, Program Manager for UniSource Renewable & Demand Side Resources.

“Making just a few simple lifestyle changes or adding some of these practices to your home can add up to real savings.”

Registration is simple. Qualifiying customers must be an electric account holder and must have resided at the premises for at least six months. To get started, visit Home Energy Reports.

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