UniSource Energy Services wants you to be aware of ongoing phone scams involving callers who falsely claim to work for UES or the Arizona Corporation Commission.

In most cases, callers claiming to be UES employees tell residential or commercial customers their electric service is in danger of being shut off because of unpaid bills or because their electric meter needs to be replaced. The callers then instruct customers to make payment over the phone with a pre-paid money card to avoid having their power shut off. Recently, some customers have reported receiving text messages with similar demands for immediate payment. Callers claiming to work for the ACC have tried to convince people to buy into a home repair grant scheme. For more information about this scam, visit the ACC website.

Customers who receive such phone calls should simply hang up, while those who receive such text messages should simply delete them. UES does not employ such methods to collect payments. UES only contacts customers by phone with automated bill payment reminders as a courtesy. Also, the company never urges customers to purchase pre-paid money cards to pay a monthly bill.

A complete list of legitimate payment methods, including payment online and by phone, is available by clicking here.

Customers who receive phone calls or text messages like these are encouraged to contact the Arizona Attorney General’s office at (800) 352-8431 or to file a consumer complaint at azag.gov. The Attorney General’s office seeks to protect the public and can take legal action in situations that involve violations of state and federal consumer protection laws.

Electric utilities and natural gas providers across the country have received reports about these kinds of phone scams over the past few years. Similarly, law enforcement and other government agencies have recently reported that phone scammers are also impersonating employees from the Internal Revenue Service, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, the Arizona Attorney General’s office, Mohave County Superior Court and the Coconino County Sheriff’s Office.

Customers with questions about their bill or information about the issues described above, or who want to pay their bills by phone, can call UES’ Customer Care team at 877-837-4968.