UniSource Energy Services got the green light from state regulators to move ahead with our Transportation Electrification Implementation Plan, which provides a roadmap for driving the adoption of electric vehicles (EVs) and building an equitable charging infrastructure in our service areas of Mohave and Santa Cruz counties.

Our three-year plan lays the foundation for EV readiness through stepped up efforts to educate the community about EV technology and its many benefits while reducing barriers to adoption. It also aligns with our transition to greener resources to reduce carbon emissions for a healthier community.

“National surveys indicate widespread lack of knowledge of many aspects of EVs,” said Camila Martins-Bekat, Senior Market Development Specialist for UniSource. “We believe it’s important to provide our customers with information about the commercial availability of EVs, purchase and tax incentives, charging options and reduced maintenance costs.”

To help increase awareness, UniSource plans this year to develop a new page on our website that’s dedicated to providing customers with comprehensive information. As part of our outreach efforts, we’ll also collaborate with local organizations and car dealerships to host ride-and-drive events to give customers hands-on experience driving and charging EVs.

As part of our plan, we’ll roll out financial incentives that include an up-to-$500 rebate on the installation of a home EV charger and an up-to-$800 rebate for lower income customers.  We’ll also introduce residential and commercial EV rates offering EV owners with charging stations lower rates during off-peak hours when demand for energy is lower.

“The outreach and educational focus initiatives in our plan are a first but important step to prepare UniSource and our community for the EV revolution. Our plan will help our customers meet their transportation electrification goals and help improve air quality,” Martins-Bekat said.

To view UniSource’s EV plan in its entirety, visit the ACC docket.

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