UES Prescott Office Gives K-9 Officers a Place to Train

UES Prescott Office Gives K-9 Officers a Place to Train

In a unique community partnership, the UniSource Energy Services Prescott office provides area law enforcement agencies with a training facility for police dogs.

After hours, a few times a year, officers bring in their K-9 units and conduct drills to teach the dogs how to detect drugs and explosives, respond to attackers and aggressive
suspects and assist in rescues. The dogs also learn to be comfortable responding in unfamiliar situations and locations and how to help keep their handlers safe in the field.

“We appreciate UES’ support. We couldn’t do it without them,” said Prescott Police Officer Dan Smith, who has a Master Handler certification to train and certify K-9 teams. “The
office space is large and convenient, saving us time and allowing us to get more accomplished.”

In June, UES helped Prescott police host the 23rd annual K-9 Officer Survival Seminar, organized by the Arizona Law Enforcement Canine Association, which brought K-9 officers from
throughout the state to Prescott.

“Over the course of two nights, more than 90 K-9 handlers used the UES building for scenario-based training,” Smith said. “We exposed the dogs to different environments and different
smells, giving them a training opportunity we couldn’t feasibly do otherwise.”

The K-9 partnership began in 2008 when UES had one of the dogs on-site for an employee safety demonstration.

“Once the K-9 handler saw our building, he thought it would be a great place to do training. It has cubicles, offices, a storage facility and privacy,” said Jeff Brown, Construction
& Maintenance Supervisor for UES.

Because utility and public safety personnel often work together, the partnership helps build better working relationships while also benefiting the community, said Bill Parry, UES
District Manager in Prescott.

“We train police, fire and emergency responders as far as gas safety, so it’s a good fit,” Parry said. “It’s great to get to know the officers’ names and have contact on a more
regular basis.”

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