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For Immediate Release: October 26, 2018

Tucson, Ariz. – As temperatures fall and Arizona residents use more natural gas to heat their homes and businesses, UniSource Energy Services is reminding customers how to detect and respond to a natural gas leak.

This month, UniSource is mailing an insert to customers and sponsoring a print and broadcast advertising campaign with safety tips. Here are signs of a natural gas leak:

  • A sulfur-like odor similar to rotten eggs.
  • A hissing or roaring sound.
  • Dirt blowing from the ground, unusual bubbling from a water source like a puddle, pond, creek or river, and dead or dying vegetation.

Even those whose homes lack natural gas service should be aware of these signs at all times because a gas line could be buried under a nearby street or alleyway. Customers who suspect a leak should follow these safety tips:

  • Do not use the phone, smoke, flip electrical switches or strike a match.
  • If you smell gas indoors, quickly check to see if a pilot light has gone out or if a burner valve is partially turned on. If you cannot quickly find the source of gas, leave the house immediately. Then, from a safe location, call 911 and UniSource, day or night, at 1-877-837-4968.
  • If you smell gas outdoors, do not smoke or start your vehicle. Move away from the area and call 911 and UniSource from a safe place.

UniSource also reminds customers to call 811 at least two business days before beginning any project that requires digging or other activity that could damage a gas line. To request this free service, call 811 or visit

For more natural gas safety tips, visit

UniSource provides natural gas to approximately 156,000 customers in Northern and Southern Arizona. The company also provides electric service to approximately 96,000 customers in Mohave and Santa Cruz counties. For more information about UniSource, visit

UniSource and its parent company, UNS Energy, are subsidiaries of Fortis, Inc., a leader in the North American regulated electric and gas utility industry. For more information about Fortis, visit

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