More than 1,200 students from White Cliffs Middle School in Kingman have learned how energy is made and how energy efficiency can help protect natural resources, thanks to the efforts of middle school science teacher Tanya Wright.

Wright, who has been participating in Bright Students since 2014, was honored for her efforts in the classroom in a ceremony at her school on Tuesday.

The Bright Students program, offered through UniSource, gives thousands of students each year the tools to become more sustainable and conserve energy at home.

In honor of Teacher Appreciation Week, Wright received a certificate of appreciation, along with a gift basket filled with a $100 gift card and school supplies to support her academic efforts. The basket also included energy efficiency products.

“Hundreds of youngsters have not only learned how to be energy efficient themselves but have been able to bring their knowledge home to their families and their community, thanks to Mrs. Wright’s efforts,” said Michelle Morley, Program Manager for Customer Programs and Services for UniSource. “We’re grateful for her efforts to share the important ways we all have a part to play in conserving our natural resources.”
Wright, who said the recognition was a nice surprise, said she appreciates that the program encourages interactive participation from the students, especially as they ride the Energy Bike to experience how much pedaling is required to generate energy. “It gives them a chance to ‘see’ how much energy is required to generate electricity for the appliances we use every day. They enjoy both riding the bike and cheering on their peers and I appreciate that all students are offered an opportunity to participate in the fun.”

As a teacher teaching sixth through eighth grade students, she said it’s helpful that the content is adjusted by grade level as well.

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