Installing new gas line

Installing new gas line
UniSource Energy Services is expanding natural gas service in Camp Verde, providing greater access to lower-cost energy and helping the community grow and prosper.

Camp Verde’s new library, scheduled to open in November, will use natural gas instead of propane for heating and hot water. The switch will result in a significant cost savings, allowing the library to provide even more services to the community.

“I’m very glad to have the natural gas. The cost savings for us will be huge,” said Kathy Hellman, Library Director. “Knowing we are going to save money running the building on natural gas will leave us with more money to do other things.”

The gas-line expansion became possible when two UES customers provided an easement to the utility. “The easement allowed us to extend our gas line across town more cost-effectively,” said Hector Riojas, UES District Manager for the Verde Valley.

At 17,000 square feet, the new library will be nearly four times the size of the former facility, allowing for a wider array of much-needed services and programming for the community. Since Hellman began as director three years ago, activity at the library has greatly increased, especially for youth.

In the past, the library offered only limited programming and had to hold its summer reading programs for children off-site because of space constraints.

“We’re excited about expanding our programming to families and children,” Hellman said. “When people walk into the new library, they will be so amazed. It will be constantly busy with activities, events, programs and meetings.”

The new facility will bring a high-speed fiber optic Internet line to Camp Verde, providing more technology options for library patrons. The library also will be able to extend its entrepreneurial support program, created in partnership with Arizona State University’s Sky Song innovation center.

“It’s exciting for us to be able to expand educational opportunities and provide economic support to the community,” Hellman said.

Steve Ayers, Economic Development Director for Camp Verde, said the UES gas-line expansion will be a boon for the community, providing benefits to existing and prospective businesses.

“Camp Verde’s economic development model pays a lot of respect to natural resources,” Ayers said. “Gas is a clean-burning fuel and is very compatible with our model. The whole idea of being environmentally conscious is embedded in the community.”

“Natural gas is a low-cost energy source, and for that reason, having access is attractive to businesses,” he said. “UES gas service is a key element of our future economic development. The more wide-spread service is available, the better.”

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