Purchased Gas Adjustor

The Purchased Gas Adjustor (PGA) is a usage-based charge or credit that reflects changes to the costs of natural gas. UniSource passes along these costs without any markup, and earns no profit through the PGA. The PGA is periodically reviewed and approved by the Arizona Corporation Commission (ACC).

How will the PGA affect my monthly natural gas bills?

The impact of the PGA varies with usage and the current PGA rate, which is adjusted monthly. The current PGA rate is listed in our gas rates section here.

Have any surcharges been added to or removed from bills?

In May 2023, a temporary PGA surcharge of $0.04150 per therm was removed from customers’ bills. That surcharge, approved by the ACC in July 2022, was needed to recover higher wholesale natural gas costs.

That change is expected to reduce the monthly bills of residential customers with average usage by about $1.80 per month. The impact will vary based on customer usage.

How does the PGA appear on my monthly bill?

The PGA appears on your bill under the heading “Gas Supply Charges” as the “Cost of Natural Gas” charge or credit.