You have the power

Don’t get caught in the dark. Perhaps it slipped your mind or you might be facing financial hardships. But now is the time to pay your overdue electric bills to avoid a disconnection.

Here are 6 options you can take right now to keep the lights on:


Call 877-837-4968

We can work together to see what solutions might exist for you, including a plan that gives you more time to pay.


Keep your payment arrangement

If your service is disconnected, you’ll be forced to pay much more to reconnect service than you’re paying each month under your current plan.


Sign up for Auto Pay

With an automatic deduction from your bank account, you won't have to worry about missing a payment.


Short-term assistance

We work with community organizations to provide emergency bill payment assistance for low-income customers in financial distress.


See if you qualify for our low-income discount

Our CARES program provides a $16 monthly discount for households with income less than 200 percent of the federal poverty level.


Use energy more efficiently

Using energy more efficiently can reduce your future bills, making it easier to pay past due amounts.

UniSource understands that many customers may still be struggling financially. To provide relief, we offer extended payment arrangements, payment extensions and other assistance to help customers who have fallen behind on their electric bills.