Pay by mail

Paying your bill by mail is easy.

When paying by mail, please do not submit cash. We only accept checks drawn from a U.S. bank or domestic money orders.

Mail your payments to:

UniSource Energy Services
UNS Gas, Inc.
P.O. Box 80078
Prescott, AZ 86304-8078

UniSource Energy Services
UNS Electric, Inc.
P.O. Box 80079
Prescott, AZ 86304-8079

Please note that this address is for payments only. For other matters, please contact us.

Please include the following:

  • Bill stub
  • U.S. check or a domestic money order
  • UES account number printed on the front side of the payment

Before you seal the envelope:

  • Verify that your UES account number appears on the front of your payment.
  • Verify that your payment is either a U.S. check or a domestic money order. Please do not submit cash.
UniSource Energy Services: Auto Pay

Auto Pay

Have your bill automatically deducted from your U.S. checking or savings account. No check to write. No late fees or notices.
UniSource Energy Services: Budget Billing

Budget Billing

Budget Billing divides your estimated annual charges into 12 equal payments, allowing you to better manage your finances.
UniSource Energy Services: UES e-bill

UES e-bill

Securely receive, view and pay your bill online. It’s as easy as point, click and pay.