Seasonal Customer Service Representative

Customers are experiencing shorter wait times and quicker service from our Call Center during the busy summer months, thanks to the addition of seasonal staff members.

The extra Customer Service Representatives help handle additional phone calls associated with hot weather and monsoon-related power outages. As a result, customers’ summer call wait times have fallen 65 percent.

“This is a way to give our customers a better experience,” said Tashonda Betts, Manager of the Customer Contact Center.

The 25 temporary employees increase the Call Center’s staffing by about one-third from May to October. Each seasonal CSR works 30 hours a week, with their shifts focused on the busiest days.

The temporary employees are trained to answer basic calls about billing and emergencies, freeing up their more experienced colleagues to swiftly respond to other questions. The seasonal employees also fill in for CSRs who take summer vacations.

Denise Smith, Director of Customer Service and Programs, said the Call Center’s wait times used to double in the summer, especially during outages. That changed two years ago with the introduction of temporary employees to manage the seasonal demand.

“This has helped us respond to our customers and enhance their experience with our company,” she said.

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