UniSource Energy Services is offering new online learning opportunities for adults and students as the coronavirus pandemic has limited in-person learning opportunities.

Our popular Home Energizer Workshop, typically presented in-person to community groups, is now available online to show homeowners how they can save hundreds of dollars a year in energy costs.

Available in English and Spanish, the 45-minute presentation shares information about how energy is used in a typical home and suggests simple behavioral changes and low or no-cost steps families can take to reduce their annual energy costs. It also promotes money-saving rebates and incentives offered by UniSource for energy efficiency upgrades.

“With customers spending more time at home because of the pandemic, saving energy is now more important than ever, particularly for families facing financial hardships,” said Jennifer Cox, Educational Outreach Coordinator for UniSource. “People can view the presentation from their smartphone, laptop or desktop computer at their convenience to begin learning how they can save energy to reduce their costs.”

UniSource also has converted its classroom learning sessions to online opportunities when schools closed early in the spring. Age-appropriate courses have been created for students in elementary, middle and high schools:

Safety Land: This second-grade curriculum teaches students how to be safe around electricity in a fun, interactive course.

Bright Students: This popular program, aligned with state education standards, helps middle school students learn more about electricity generation and energy efficiency.

Renewable Students: Our newest program teaches high school students about the science and history of renewable energy, taught in an interactive, multimedia class that emulates familiar social media platforms.

Links to these videos that can be viewed whenever it fits with online learning schedules are found here: uesaz.com/education/. The Home Energizer Workshop can be found at https://www.eeexchange.org/ues-programs-live.

“While we’re unable to go out into the community right now to host these workshops and classroom sessions in person, the information presented in them is extremely valuable for helping families understand more about their energy use and reduce their energy costs,” Cox said. “Teachers and parents alike will find these programs an engaging and useful addition to student and adult learning.”

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