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UniSource Energy Services (UNS), and its sister company, Tucson Electric Power, work with charitable nonprofits, education, and government organizations that focus on employee volunteer engagement, work toward meeting community needs, and demonstrate the viability of their programs. UNS focuses its giving in the areas of education, environmental conservation activities and community engagement, including at-risk and limited-income communities, first responders and Veterans.

TEP invests in the community in several ways:

  • Donations are financial contributions to non-profits or charities for programs or special events where volunteer assistance is not needed or would not be appropriate, and may be requested throughout the year.
  • In-kind donations are non-monetary valuable goods that include computer equipment, office furniture, printing (i.e. promotional material) or the lending of pop-up tents, traffic cones and more.
  • Corporate memberships are requests for annual membership at the corporate level to community organizations, such as chambers of commerce, utility organizations and business groups, as appropriate.
  • Employee volunteer projects are employee-driven initiatives to support the communities where we live and work. These requests are typically supported and coordinated by UNS area's Community Action Team (CAT) employee volunteers.
  • Sponsorships are the support of events and activities in which a mutually beneficial arrangement is made between the organization and UNS. This may include the promotion of goods, products and services. The organization promoting the sponsorship is responsible for providing the value of the sponsorship that is tax-deductible.
  • Grants are available to non-profits in UNS service territories. UNS will contribute more than $340,000 in grant funding for 2017 in the territories we serve!  Please check our Community Impact Grants page for the most current information. Questions can be directed to community@uesaz.com.


The following are ineligible for funding consideration:

  • Organizations that are outside of service territories or company facility locations
  • Religious, fraternal, social or recreational activities
  • Political or partisan organizations or candidates
  • Individuals
  • Individual schools, grades K-12. However, all schools in TEP’s and UES’ service territories are offered safety, environmental and science-related curricula and supplemental resources at no charge Learn more
  • Organizations serving people suffering from a single disease or medical condition, or for medical research (exceptions are CAT projects such as walks)
  • Endowments
  • Capital campaigns
  • Travel funds of any kind
  • Adult sports
  • Entertainment and recreation events
  • Agencies that contribute more than 10 percent of budget to outside service territory

UniSource Energy Services has a strict non-solicitation policy — employees may not fund-raise for their charity or event at work or using workplace resources. When employees choose to support a nonprofit fundraiser (such as a charity walk), the company will donate to the charity in place of employees paying/raising a participation fee.

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UES will award $80,000 this fall to help nonprofit organizations improve education, protect our environment and expand limited-income assistance through its Community Impact Grants.