Disconnection rules

Service disconnections for nonpayment on overdue balances will be suspended from June 1 through October 15 this year. Under rules approved by the Arizona Corporation Commission (ACC), electric utilities are prohibited from disconnecting residential customers for nonpayment during the warmest months of the year.

All customers are responsible for paying for all the energy they use regardless of the suspension period. Customers are encouraged to pay their monthly electric bill in full or as much as they can pay to avoid accumulating a large overdue balance that they may be unable to pay later.

After Oct. 15, 2023, customers who are delinquent will be placed on payment arrangements and must pay their monthly installments plus their current monthly bills in full and on time. If there is a deposit on the account, that amount will be applied to the past due balance and the deposit will need to be repaid in a payment plan.

During times of the year when disconnections are allowed, customers will be notified by UniSource that they are subject to a disconnection. That notification may include a notice on their bills, a mailed letter, an email and/or a phone call from a Customer Care representative. If payment for a past due balance is not received before a scheduled termination date, an account would be eligible for a service disconnection.

Those who have their service disconnected for nonpayment will be required to pay a reconnection fee and a deposit before power is restored. UniSource is unable to guarantee that service will be restored the same day that payment is submitted. Customers participating in the Budget Billing program will be removed from the program if their service is disconnected. You can re-enroll in Budget Billing when your account becomes current.

Customers with overdue accounts may be eligible for a payment extension if they just need a little extra time to pay. To request an extension, log into My Account at uesaz.com or click here to register if you do not have online access. Customers also may call UniSource Customer Care at 877-837-4968 and select "Billing & Payments" then select "Payment Extension" from the menu to request an extension through our interactive voice response system. Customers also may request an extension by speaking with one of our Customer Care representatives.

UniSource Energy Services: CARES program

CARES program

The CARES program offers a monthly discount for qualifying limited-income customers.
UniSource Energy Services: Short-term assistance

Short-term assistance

We work with community organizations to provide emergency bill payment assistance for qualified customers in financial distress.