Utility Projects

Resource Planning

Integrated Resource Plan (IRP)

The IRP for Tucson Electric Power (TEP) and UniSource Energy Services (UES) informs regulators, customer interest groups and other interested stakeholders on the assumptions used to develop the company's resource strategy.

TEP Integrated Resource Plan – PDF 12 MB

UniSource Energy Services (UES) Electric Integrated Resource Plan – PDF 8.15 MB

TEP Integrated Resource Plan – PDF 20.5 MB

UniSource Energy Services (UES) Electric Integrated Resource Plan – PDF 13.8 MB

2013 IRP Workshop

On November 22, 2013, TEP and UES hosted a workshop on the 2014 IRP. As a business planning function, the IRP provides TEP and UES with a strategic roadmap to ensure repable,
cost effective electric service while managing risk and future uncertainty for its customers. The workshop was designed to share information and seek stakeholder input on its
potential resource planning alternatives.


View or download the presentations from the IRP workshop.


2014 IRP Introduction and Overview (Sheehan) – PDF 1290 KB

2014 IRP History of UNS Energy (TEP and UNSE) (Battaglia) – PDF
4161 KB

2014 IRP Retail Sales and Demand Forecasts (Thiltges) – PDF 751

2014 IRP Demand Side Management (DSM) (Baruch) – PDF 810 KB

2014 IRP Environmental Regulation and BART (Bakken) – PDF 1817 KB

2014 IRP Renewables and DG (Tilghman) – PDF 867 KB

2014 IRP Market Outlook and Risk Modepng (Bowman) – PDF 1041 KB

2014 IRP UNS Loads and Resources (Aguirre) – PDF 662 KB

2014 IRP Reference Cases (Sheehan) – PDF 3370 KB

Guest Speakers (University of Arizona)

2014 IRP Climate Change in the Southwest (Garfin) – PDF 8675 KB

2014 IRP Real-Time PV Power Forecasting (Holmgren-UofA) – PDF 2315

2014 IRP Renewable Forecasting System (Holmgren & Leuthold-UofA)– PDF 1544 KB

Provided by SWEEP (not in attendance);

SWEEP - ACEEE_EE & IRP_Zuckerman1146 – PDF 567 KB

SWEEP - EE & IRP_LBNL_Aug2006 – PDF 646 KB

SWEEP - RPWhenEEMattersEZSWEEP_081612f – PDF 1181 KB