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Wind Systems

Kingman Western Wind

Kingman, AZ

Kingman – Western Wind is a 10.5-megawatt wind and solar farm developed by Western Wind Energy. It is the first utility-scale system in Arizona to combine and produce energy from wind and sunshine. The output will be sold to UES through a 20-year purchase power agreement.

The facility has five 2-megawatt Gamesa wind turbines and a 500-kilowatt, polycrystalline silicon PV array. In total, Western Wind provides UES with enough generating capacity to power about 2,200 homes.


System Details
System Type 5 – 2-megawatt Gamesa turbines on 135-meter towers
Location Kingman, AZ
In Service 9/16/11
Capacity 10.5 megawatts (including 0.5-megawatt solar)
Est. yearly energy output 28,900 MWh
Est. yearly emissions saved (CO2) 63,580,000
Est. cars off the road for 1 year 6,623
Est. gallons of water saved per year 21,675,000

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