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Winter Gas Cost

Information on cost of service

UES expects winter gas bills to be slightly lower than last year.

The cost of natural gas service from UniSource Energy Services is expected to be 3 to 5 percent lower this winter than it was during the same period last year.

The per-therm cost of service, which averaged about $1.05 last winter, is expected to gradually fall from $1 in November 2011 to $0.97 in April 2012 due to lower natural gas prices. Average residential gas bills are expected to peak next month at about $112, before taxes and fees. That estimate is based on usage of 103 therms, so customers who use more gas should expect higher bills.

These figures represent UES' best estimate at this time. Fluctuations in the wholesale gas market or any unanticipated change to the gas-related charges on UES bills could increase or decrease the cost of service this winter.

The natural gas that UES delivers to customers is purchased on the wholesale market at changing prices that are passed along to customers without any markup. Because these changes affect customers' bills, UES typically publicizes the projected impact of those costs each fall to help customers plan for home heating season.

Low-income customers can benefit from even lower gas bills this winter through participation in UES' Customer Assistance Residential Energy Support (CARES) program. For more information about CARES, click here .