In the event of a natural gas emergency, it is essential for first responders and gas personnel from UniSource Energy Services to be able to work side-by-side to protect the public and ensure each other’s safety.

Every year, the company invites local first responders to participate in a mock natural gas emergency drill and training session. “Coordination is crucial in an emergency,” said Terry Nay, Senior Director of UniSource Energy Services. “It gives us an opportunity to learn from each other and practice skills that are critical when responding to natural gas leaks or fires.”

During these drills, Unisource representatives provide information about the natural gas transmission and distribution systems and the tools we use to work on gas lines and equipment.

Recently, the Flagstaff district hosted such a drill and training session with their local first responders. Similar drills will take place in areas from Nogales to Show Low throughout the coming year.

“We conduct these drills with our local first responders every year in every district,” Nay said. “Having the right information can make the difference in whether first responders can quickly, effectively and safely respond to an emergency.”

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