In 2019, UniSource Energy Services reached out to customers to promote energy efficiency and answered hundreds of thousands of phone calls, coming from as far as the southern and northern Arizona borders.

Did you know that we donated a solar shade structure at a park in Lake Havasu City? We also increased our renewable energy, now up to 22 percent for our customers.

Take a look at what UniSource accomplished in 2019:

Service Territory

  • 2 counties with electric service – Santa Cruz and Mohave
  • 96,785 electric customers served
  • 5 counties with gas service – Santa Cruz, Mohave, Yavapai, Coconino and Navajo
  • 160,135 gas customers served

Renewable Energy

  • 360,000 megawatt hours of clean energy generated by our wind and solar energy systems
  • 22 percent of electricity generated from these renewable energy resources

Community Impact

  • 291 employees and family members who volunteered at UniSource-sponsored projects
  • 3,050 hours volunteered
  • $436,000 donated to local charities from funds that otherwise would have been forwarded to shareholders

Customer Service

  • 33 percent of representatives who are bilingual in English and Spanish
  • 200 languages available through an interpretation service

Energy Efficiency

  • 257 free and discounted shade trees distributed
  • 178,800 discounted LED bulbs purchased by UniSource customers
  • 38,886 free energy-efficient lightbulbs given to customers

Education Outreach

  • 25,000 students received energy education materials in classrooms
  • 2,800 energy-efficiency kits given to students


  • 326 employees across Arizona
  • 174 gas service employees in Northern Arizona
  • 152 electric service employees in Mohave County
  • 25 military veterans employed

Natural Gas Service

  • 55,451 square miles served by natural gas
  • 3,095 miles of distribution main lines
  • 30 miles of transmission main lines
  • 148,921 miles of service lines

Electric Service

  • 8,056 square miles served
  • 301 megawatts of generating capacity
  • 342 miles of higher-voltage transmission lines
  • 3,719 miles of lower-voltage distribution lines
  • 1,192 new residential electric service installations in 2019
  • 81 new commercial electric installations in 2019
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