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For Immediate Release: March 9, 2017

Kingman, Ariz. – UniSource Energy Services (UES) electric customers can now sign up for pricing plans that offer lower service charges and more ways to save on energy costs.

UES’ Time-of-Use, Peak Demand and Demand Time-of-Use pricing plans for residential customers now feature a reduced monthly Basic Service Charge of $12, compared to the $15 monthly charge for UES’ Basic plan.

Businesses that use UES’ Small General Service (SGS) Time-of-Use, Peak Demand or Demand Time-of-Use plans now pay a reduced monthly Basic Service Charge of $20, compared to the $25 monthly charge for the SGS Basic plan.

The reduced service charges took effect March 1 as a way to promote use of the new plans, which were approved by the Arizona Corporation Commission. Every plan offers energy-saving opportunities to customers who adjust their energy use accordingly:

  • The Time-of-Use plan offers lower energy charges to customers who shift a majority of usage away from on-peak hours when customers typically use energy the most.
  • The Peak Demand plan combines a lower usage-based rate with a “demand” charge based on customers’ highest individual hour of usage during on-peak periods. Customers can increase savings by reducing their peak energy demand.
  • The Demand Time-of-Use plan combines UES’ lowest off-peak usage rates with higher on-peak rates and a demand charge. Customers can save by shifting the majority of their usage to off-peak hours and by avoiding the simultaneous use of large appliances during on-peak hours.

The new plans provide alternatives to UES’ Basic plans, which bill residential and SGS customers based on their total monthly electric usage.

UES will provide customers with additional information about the new pricing plan options in coming months, including energy-saving strategies for each plan. More information is available on, including a “Residential Lifestyle Calculator” to help customers choose the best plan for their lifestyle.

Customers who are interested in signing up for a new pricing plan can call 1-877-837-4968 to speak with a member of UES’ Customer Care team. Current customers are free to continue using their current pricing plan, while new residential and SGS electric customers will be placed on the Time-of-Use plan unless they choose a different option.

UES provides electric service to approximately 93,000 customers in Mohave and Santa Cruz Counties. The company also provides natural gas to approximately 150,000 customers in Northern and Southern Arizona. To learn more, visit UES and its parent company, UNS Energy, are subsidiaries of Fortis Inc., which owns utilities that serve more than 3 million customers across Canada and in the United States and the Caribbean. To learn more, visit

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