UniSource Energy Services will begin setting up payment plans soon for customers with overdue unpaid balances from this summer’s bills.

“It’s been an especially hot summer, and we’re aware that some customers have accumulated large unpaid balances on their accounts that should be addressed right away,” said Denise Richerson, Director of Customer Services and Programs.

Limited-income customers with large overdue balances can request emergency bill payment assistance from local nonprofit groups. For a referral to participating agencies, please call our Customer Care team at 877-837-4968.

After Oct. 15, UniSource will set up payment plans for residential customers who have accumulated overdue balances since June 1. Their balances will be divided into four monthly installments that must be paid along with their ongoing electric bills. Those who fall behind on their bills and have not paid at least half of their outstanding balance in the preceding 25 days may be subject to late fees and service disconnection.

For customers who have paid a security deposit, UniSource will use that amount to pay for some or all of the delinquent balance before proceeding with potential disconnection. The deposit applied to the overdue balance must then be repaid by the customer through installments over four months, beginning the month after their payment plan ends.

Beware of possible scammers who ask for payment using a cash card. Although UniSource is contacting customers by phone, email and postal mail about these procedures, our representatives will never use threatening tactics or demand immediate payment. If you are unsure about the legitimacy of any communication purporting to be from UniSource, please contact our Customer Care team at 877-837-4968.

Customers can always review their balance, due date, previous payments and other information about their UniSource account by visiting My Account on useaz.com or by using the UES mobile app.

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