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UES BrightSave Home Program Offers Home Energy Assessments for $99

Tucson, Ariz. – UniSource Energy Services (UES) is now offering personalized home energy assessments for a discounted $99 price to help local residents use less energy and reduce their energy bills.

UES' BrightSave Home program offers a diagnostic, on-site analysis of household energy performance. Participating homeowners will receive a report with recommended home improvements that provide the greatest energy savings. Customers may be able to reduce their heating- and cooling-related energy consumption by up to 35 percent by following the recommendations of UES' energy experts.

"The BrightSave Home program gives us an exciting new opportunity to work one-on-one with customers who want to use less energy and to reduce their utility bills," said Denise Smith, Director of Demand Side Resources for UES. "Every home is unique and every customer uses energy differently. BrightSave Home takes a scientific approach that will help customers make the changes that work best for them."

During an energy analysis, UES' energy experts will perform an interior and exterior home analysis to evaluate ductwork, mechanical systems, appliances, attic insulation and air leakage. They also will survey homeowners and collect data in order to calculate energy costs and identify long-term energy-saving opportunities that can reduce energy consumption.

The BrightSave Home program's personalized reports will list recommended home improvements and their estimated costs, along with details about available incentives, annual savings and how long it will take to recover the cost of each improvement through lower energy bills. The program website will provide contact information for contractors who have been trained and certified to help with energy-efficiency improvements.

UES' energy experts are certified by the Building Performance Institute, a national, nonprofit organization that develops energy efficiency standards and certifications.

Participants also will receive a Home Energy Savings Kit. For electric customers, the kit includes the installation of up to10 compact fluorescent lights (CFLs) in high-traffic areas and a "smart power strip" that eliminates idle power consumption by automatically shutting off after appliances are no longer in use. For gas customers, the kit includes the installation of a water-saving low flow showerhead and up to three faucet aerators.

While the analysis and Home Energy Savings Kit are valued at more than $300, UES will use energy efficiency funds provided through an existing customer surcharge to make them available for just $99.

Participants' energy savings will help UES work toward the goals established by Arizona's Energy Efficiency Standards, which were approved last year by the Arizona Corporation Commission. The rules require electric utilities to increase the energy savings realized through energy efficiency programs each year until the cumulative reduction in usage reaches 22 percent by 2020. Gas utilities, meanwhile, must achieve savings of 6 percent through such programs by 2020.

Customers interested in scheduling a BrightSave Home energy analysis can get started by visiting or calling (855) 870-0050.

UES, a subsidiary of UniSource Energy Corporation (NYSE: UNS), provides gas service to more than 146,000 customers in five Arizona counties and electric service to about 91,000 customers in Mohave and Santa Cruz Counties. To learn more, visit

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