Feb 24 2010 12:00:00:000AM
News Media Contact: Nathan Shelley, (928) 226-2266

UES Advises Customers To Prevent Snow Damage To Gas Meters

Flagstaff, Ariz. " Unisource Energy Services (UES) is advising its Northern Arizona customers about the importance of protecting gas meters from costly and potentially dangerous damage that can occur after a heavy snowfall.

Accumulated snow on a rooftop, if left unattended, can fall and damage meter loops, the assembly that connects underground natural gas supply lines to gas meters. This damage requires costly repairs and can cause gas leaks that pose a public safety hazard. Gas service may have to be disconnected for an extended period while repairs are made.

"We've had a lot of snow in Northern Arizona this winter, so we're asking customers to make sure there isn't a dangerous amount of snow or ice on their rooftops that might break loose and fall on the gas meter serving their home or business," said Nathan Shelley, General Manager of Gas Operations for UES.

Customers clearing snow from a rooftop should take care not to drop that snow on a meter loop. Please take all appropriate safety measures while clearing snow from rooftops and away from gas meters.

If you suspect natural gas is leaking from a damaged meter loop or another source, please call 911. For more information about natural gas safety, visit

UniSource Energy Services, a subsidiary of UniSource Energy Corporation (NYSE: UNS), provides natural gas and electric service to about 236,000 customers across Arizona. For more information, visit

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