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UES Customers Can Swap Energy-Saving "Bright Solutions" at

Kingman, Ariz. — UES customers can learn how to save money and conserve energy while sharing their own energy-saving ideas at the new Bright Solutions Forum on

Visitors can upload homemade videos or post written comments to the interactive forum. Those who have installed photovoltaic systems at their home or business can share their experiences and suggestions on a dedicated Solar Stories page.

U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, a renewable energy supporter, has submitted a video with her thoughts on solar energy.

A new marketing campaign promoting the site encourages visitors to meet the "Bright family." The fictional family " including Benjamin, Barbara, Becky and Otto " is featured this summer in television commercials, online videos and print advertisements.

The forum provides links to other energy-saving features on, including the UES Energy Advisor. After gathering details about a visitor's home or business, the UES Energy Advisor provides customized estimates of the money that can be saved through certain improvements.

Several other easy-to-use tools are available. The Cooling Calc estimates how much will it cost to replace an old cooling system and how much can be saved with a new energy-efficient model. The Energy Phantoms Calculator helps you to identify how money is spent every month on appliances and other electronic goods that quietly use energy even when they're not in use.

UES' "Bright Solutions" include energy-saving programs, renewable energy options and other environmentally friendly alternatives, as well as low-income assistance, community service and education programs.

UES, a subsidiary of UniSource Energy Corporation (NYSE: UNS), provides natural gas and electric service to about 236,000 customers across Arizona. For more information about UES, visit For more information about UniSource Energy, visit

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