We could all use a little support sometimes.

Boost, a new feature available through our online payment system, helps customers request bill payment assistance from friends and family.

The Boost feature, powered by KUBRA EZ-PAY, lets customers share unique, system-generated link with selected contacts. It works like a crowdfunding effort, such as a GoFundMe link, allowing recipients at the click of a button to pay some – or all – of the balance.

The new feature makes it easy for roommates who might be splitting utilities or just when finances are tight.

“If people are struggling to pay their bill, Boost gives them a convenient way to solicit help from their family and friends,” said Denise Richerson, Director of Customer Services and Programs. “It’s a safe and simple way to ask for a little help from people who care about you. It’s just another way we’re providing customers with convenient, self-service options through our website and mobile app.”

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