Don’t let holiday cooking and cleanup gobble up energy. Here are several ways to save while you’re celebrating this season:

Cooking tips

  • Right size. Choose a turkey that’s the right size for your family. Smaller turkeys cook in less time.
  • Skip the preheat. There’s no need to pre-heat the oven when slow-roasting a turkey.
  • Don’t stuff it. Turkeys stuffed with dressing take longer to cook. Prepare sides and dressing separately.
  • Cover pans. Food will cook faster and conserve fuel while you’re making your favorites.

Clean up tips

  • Load up the dishwasher. An ENERGY-STAR® certified dishwasher uses less than half the energy and less water than handwashing dishes.
  • Cool before chilling. Warm foods make your refrigerator work harder and use more energy. Let leftovers cool before placing them in the fridge.