Even if you think your home is energy efficient, you might be missing opportunities to save energy and money. Find out what you may be overlooking by using UniSource Energy Services’ online Home Energy Calculator.

By answering a few questions about your home and energy use, you can receive a general analysis of how you’re using energy in your home, along with energy-saving recommendations and correlating cost savings.

Some of the questions include the size and location of the home, number of occupants, type of heating/cooling system, type of appliances, lighting and insulation, and typical thermostat settings in the summer and winter.

“The application produces a report that separates the customer’s energy use into categories so they can see where they’re using the most energy and make the necessary adjustments,” explains UniSource’s Raymundo Martinez, Senior Program Manager for Residential Energy Efficient Programs and Service.

“For example, if energy use is high for cooling, the report may recommend turning up the thermostat a few degrees or upgrading or replacing the air conditioning unit,” he continued. “It also shows the projected cost savings from taking these steps.”

Not all energy efficiency recommendations come with a high price tag, such as purchasing new low-e windows or a high efficiency heating and cooling system.  Some of the simplest and lowest-cost measures can produce the biggest energy savings, Martinez says.

“The tool is designed to help our customers make the greatest possible impact for the lowest cost,” he said. “Sometimes, it’s just a matter of buying caulk for few dollars and then taking a half-hour to seal up cracks around doors and windows.”

Martinez notes that while the home energy analysis is based on the customer’s answers and not his or her actual energy use or bill, the Home Energy Calculator is still a great tool for identifying ways to save energy and lower costs.

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