With pool season almost here, consider replacing your old single-speed pool pump with an ENERGY STAR® model to see a refreshing dip in your energy costs. Plus, claim a $295 instant rebate from UnSource when you buy a qualified model from an approved pool professional.

Older standard pool pumps operate at just one speed – high – even though filtration at a lower speed is the most commonly used setting. Running those pumps can cost you up to $560 a year to operate.

Certified pool pumps are up to 65 percent more efficient than standard pumps because they use advanced motors, hydraulic designs and variable-speed technology to deliver the right flow for water filtration, fountains or cleaning.  They’re also quieter for a more enjoyable afternoon around the pool.

“If your older pump needs to be repaired or replaced, choosing an efficient variable-speed model can save you hundreds of dollars a year in energy costs and the payback period is less than two years,” said Edith Garcia, Residential Energy Efficiency Program Manager. “Our rebate also helps reduce your upfront cost.”

Swapping out your old pump and claiming our rebate is easy. Simply visit a UniSource-approved pool professional and a qualified ENERGY STAR-certified pump. Your salesperson can help you select just the pump for your pool and its size.  At checkout, show a copy of a recent UniSource bill, and our rebate is deducted from the sale price.  Your pool professional will then schedule a day to install and calibrate your new pool pump and show you how to program it for the greatest efficiency.

Replacing an inefficient pump with a high efficiency model also is good for your wallet and the environment. According to ENERGY STAR, if every pool pump in the U.S. was high efficiency, we could reduce greenhouse gas emissions equal to those produced by more than 1 million vehicles.

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