Gas Construction

Service requests and installation requirements

We look forward to serving your natural gas needs. Review the information below to apply for service or learn more about our new service line policies.


Application for Gas Service

To make a gas service request, complete and submit the following form according to the form instructions.

Residential – PDF 232 KB

Commercial – PDF 206 KB


Main line extensions will be made by UniSource Energy Services (UES) at its expense for the allowable investment as calculated by an Incremental Contribution Study (ICS).

UES, after conducting an ICS, may at its option, extend its facilities to customers whose usage does not satisfy the definition of economic feasibility, provided the customer
signs an extension agreement and advances the company the funds necessary to make the extension economically feasible. Applicants may provide the trench for service lines and/or
mains to UES' specifications to reduce the advance required.

Customers provided with line extensions using the Incremental Contribution Method shall be reviewed annually for a period of five years to determine the amount of any refund.

This is only a summary; you can access the complete policy in the Rates section.