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Energy-Efficient pools

Quiet and efficient variable-speed pumps.

We’re not currently offering rebates on variable-speed pumps. Check back soon for an update on our rebate program.

Replacing your older, single-speed pool pump with an energy efficient variable-speed pump will reduce your energy costs while still keeping your pool sparkling clean. It’s 70 percent more energy efficient than a standard pump, potentially saving you $300 or more per year in energy costs.

Unlike standard pumps, which operate on high speed all of the time, variable-speed pumps circulate water at lower rates for longer periods using less energy. Pump speeds also can be adjusted to suit the task, such as high speed for circulating chemicals or low speed for skimming.

Variable speed pumps also are quieter, providing a more enjoyable time around the pool with family and friends.


Become a UniSource-approved Pool Professional

Are you a pool retailer, builder or service professional who would like to participate in our program? Learn more by contacting our pool pump rebate team at 844-237-2834 or