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Gas rebates for installing efficiency equipment

The UniSource Electric (UES) Commercial Energy Solutions (CES) program offers rebates to commercial gas customers to reduce the initial cost of purchasing more-efficient equipment including water heaters, furnaces, boilers and commercial kitchen griddles.

Are you planning to upgrade gas-fired equipment in an existing building to more efficient models? Or are you constructing a new facility and considering high-efficiency equipment? You may be eligible for a rebate through UES' Commercial Energy Solutions (CES) program for commercial gas customers.


Eligible rate schedules include, but are not limited to: C20, C22, I-30, I-32, PA-40, PA-42, PA-44, IR-60 and Commercial, Industrial and Public Authority Transportation rates. Energy efficient equipment purchased, contracted for or work conducted prior to February 27, 2008 is not eligible for an incentive.

The incentive cap for the UNSG CES program is $8,000 per customer per calendar year. K-12 School districts may receive up to $25,000 per calendar year.

Application Process

  • Submit a pre-notification application (recommended – not required)
  • Install energy-efficient equipment
  • Submit a final application with documentation
  • Receive rebate within 6 weeks of submitting complete application

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Forms and Documents

Complete and submit the application – DOC 211 KB.

Use this checklist to review your application before you submit – PDF 25 KB.

The Policies and Procedures document conveys the rules, policies and procedures that govern program administration and customer participation in the UES Commercial Energy Solutions program. It is a companion document to the application form. Review Policies and Procedures – PDF 124 KB.

The UES Commercial Energy Solutions program for gas commercial customers involves contractors, engineers and energy-saving product wholesalers, distributors and retailers who have been educated on the program and understand the program rules and processes. These trade allies play an important role in educating business customers about our energy efficiency programs and incentives. Trade allies receive program support and guidance, have access to program marketing materials and are listed on the program website.

Approved Trade Allies

The program is currently recruiting and training potential Trade Allies. Please check back for updates.

To Apply for Trade Ally Status

If you are a contractor, product supplier or service provider who would like to participate in the UNSG Trade Ally program, please complete an application and submit the signed original to:

UES Gas Commercial Energy Solutions
4350 East Irvington Rd.
Mail Stop DS502
PO Box 711
Tucson, AZ 85702
866-277-5604 – fax

CES reviewers verify application information and references. You will be contacted if any information is found missing or needs to be updated. Upon verification of all items, your company name and contact information will be posted on the website.

Please note: The information completed in the "Company Information" section of the application will be the information included in the Trade Ally Reference Listing.


Please submit a trade ally application and we will contact you about a possible training.

UES provides the list of energy efficient equipment suppliers, contractors and service providers for informational purposes only. UES makes no warranty of any kind whatsoever, including, without limitation, the warranty of merchantability or fitness for purpose. Under no circumstances will UES be liable for indirect, special, consequential, punitive or exemplary damages.

KEMA Services, Inc. is implementing this Program on bahalf of UniSource Energy Services. The Commercial Energy Solutions Program is paid for by UniSource Energy Services customers and approved by the Arizona Corporation Commission.

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